As I sit in my showshome built by First Avenue Properties in Spruce Grove, I'm wondering what most buyers are thinking? Is it time to upgrade from the smaller starter home and get into a new larger family home? Is there much out there for inventory to buy used or can we wait for a new one to be built? From past experience working with buyers in Spruce Grove it is very hard to find a used home. Inventory levels are low and appeal of a new home is to0 great. Spruce Grove has grown a ton over the past few years. New subdivisions have taken off and older ones still have phases to develop. With lot prices cheaper than the Edmonton we see a lot of people considering making that extra 20 minute drive versus building in Edmonton. With all the new shopping and amenities that have sprung up over the past couple years the number of trips into Edmonton are gettting less and less. There is nothing you can not find in Spruce Grove than Edmonton ( except costco!) Overall you will get a larger lot, bigger house for less cost by moving to Spruce Grove! Come check out our showhome and specs we have on the go. We are located at 52 Hilldowns Rd.


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As agents do you really know where your brokerage is heading? Do they have a plan for you as an agent to help you make it in this dog eat dog industry? To me brokerages are to blame for the lack of professionalism and lack of education that exists with the agents. A brokerage is only really concerned about 1 thing and this is getting as many agents as possible to sign up at their brokerage and charge you the monthly fee. Do they really care if you sell a house or not? Of course not they still make their money off you even if you don't. There are very few brokerage models out there that actually care about the agent! So unless you are paying your broker a large split off every deal you do or have crazy monthly bills to actually work for them, your brokerage is probably not in a position to spend money to help you grow as an agent. In fact the owner or broker is probably out there selling just so they can make a few bucks and keep the doors open. If you broker is out there selling where do you think all the office leads are going? 

When considering a brokerage make sure you ask all the hard questions. How will you help me grow my business? How many leads can I expect from the office? What is the brokerage doing to generate leads for the agents? Does the brokerage actually market the company on behalf of the agents? What training will actually be provided to me by the brokerage?If the brokerage can answer all these questions with legitimate answers then they are actually worth looking at? If you do not see any proof in their words you need to move on.


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